Product Review: Pawstruck Bully Sticks

Bully sticks

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This year while pondering what our babes’ stockings would hold, I knew I wanted something for Arliss and Lily to chew.

You see, Arliss LOVES to chew. When he was but a wee pup, he chewed on everything he could get his jaws on. He ate through the fender on my husband’s dirt bike. He chomped through extension cords, towels, gloves, his and Lily’s beds, and every toy we put in front of him.

With time and training, inappropriate chewing stopped. Still, he’ll get down on a piece of firewood or pretty much anything the raging wind carries into our yard. I caught him with someone’s snickerdoodle recipe the other day.

Lily isn’t as obsessive about chewing, but she has tons of energy. I love playing and running around with her. But I do have a job to do and can’t afford to spend ten hours a day playing rope, chase, and fetch. She needs other things to occupy her and suck out some of her energy on occasion.

Bottom line, I needed something healthy and safe for my babes to chew that would last more than few minutes.

Rawhides are a no because of digestion issues. Smoked bones, of various animal parts, are messy, stinky, and often splinter and crumble. They also give poor Lily the cha-chas.

I decided to look into bully sticks. I asked my vet about them. She said most dogs love them and she’s never seen or heard of a problem. Yay.

After much research, I narrowed it down and eventually went with Pawstruck. I liked the founder’s message, the prices, the user-friendliness of the website, and the variety of product.

When Christmastime came around, these fools were excited to rip into their goodies.


pawstruck bully stick



pawstruck bully sticks








They LOVE these bully sticks (good thing, since I bought 10). I also love these bully sticks. Here’s why:

  • Single ingredient, all natural goodness

They are bull pizzles, roasted in their own natural juices, and nothing else.

  • Taken from responsibly raised bulls

These animals are grass-fed, free-range bulls.

  • Long lasting

I got the extra thick, 7-inch sticks. Chew master Arliss (seriously, even for a dog it’s anomalous), finished his in just under an hour of constant work. Lily managed to make hers last over an hour. That’s with two short breaks to prance about the house and show everyone her prize.

  • No smell, no mess

These sticks are low-odor. When the pups lie at my feet and gnaw away, I get no smell. And they don’t break or crumble into pieces.

When the sticks got down to nubs, I took them away. Call me paranoid, but I didn’t want an obstruction in my dogs’ throats or guts. My vet said I was probably over-parenting, but avoiding the risk makes me feel better.

I’m so glad I found these Pawstruck bully sticks for my babes. They’re affordable and healthier, longer-lasting, and less messy than other chew treats and bones.

What yummy treats or hardy chew toys do you give your pups?