DIY Sifting Cat Litter Box


As a result of my recent cat litter experiment, I now use wood pellets. Because of this change in litter, the way in which I dealt with my cats’ leavings had to change. When wet, pellets become loose sawdust. Litter scoopers take up the clean wood pellets while leaving the soiled dust, so they don’t work here. I found some sifting pans designed for this type of litter. They are expensive. I decided to make my own. This is how I did it.

I purchased two extra-large litter pans, the same size as each other, for $5.00 each.

Cat Litter Box

Drill bit size is important here. Too small and the dust won’t sift. Too large and the pellets will fall through. A bit sized 11/64 works best.

Drill Bits

Pattern isn’t important. Drill enough holes to sift well, but not too many as this will compromise the integrity of the pan.

DIY Sifting Cat Litter Box

Place the holey pan inside the intact pan, and there you have it: a $10.00 sifting litter pan. I put a few pellets inside the bottom pan. It’s inevitable some urine will miss the top pellets and seep into the bottom pan during the first few uses.

Note: I can’t compare this pan to other sifters because I’ve never used others. There’s a lot of shaking and shifting required here, but it’s worth it. I’ve been using this pan for a few weeks now, and it works great.