DIY Catnip Mouse

January is DIY month in the 2017 Awesome Pet Parent Challenge. Head over to Loved and Pampered Pets to check it out; it’s really cool. The challenge is all about becoming an even better pet parent than you already are. In the first week, we were charged with making a toy. I’m a little behind.

I wanted to make something that I knew my cats would love and that I could improve upon with practice. I also wanted to be able to use what I had in my home to create the entire thing while I watched no more than two episodes of 30 Rock. Blerg.

Catnip mouse it is!

Materials I used:

Fleece fabric remnant (6 inch square)

Strip of felt (5 inches long)

Embroidery thread

Handful of fiberfill


How I did it:

I cut a heart shape in half for the pattern. I folded the fabric in half with right sides facing each other.

I traced the heart-half (flat part against the fold of the fabric), and pinned.

Cat toy template




Cat toy outline






Note: I did not sew the tail at this point. I placed it here in order to envision the future mouse.

I sewed (small and tight for longevity) from nose to butt, leaving an inch or so unstitched.

Then, I turned the mouse-skin inside out. Well, outside in I guess.

Catnip toy

With a pen, I gently stuffed the mouse with fiberfill. I imagine you could use strips of old t-shirts or other soft fabric. Then, I dropped some catnip into the mouse.

I put the tail in and sewed up the mouse’s little booty.

Homemade cat toy

There it is. Sure, it’s a little wonky, but it’s not bad for my first shot. And I really feel like I can get good at it with practice. It was easy and fun. All that really matters is that the cats like it.

I gave the mouse to miss Dublin. Approved!

homemade catnip mouse



Then Oslo got his paws on it. He kicked its butt all over the house.

Homemade catnip toy