Product Review: Feliway for Feline Agression

I have two cats, Dublin, and her son, Oslo. Recently, I took Dublin to the vet for teeth cleaning. When we returned home, Oslo slunk into the room, low to the floor. He got close and began hissing and growling. He didn’t recognize his own mother.

Oslo wouldn’t be around her without yowling and threatening to fight to the death. At one point, he left my husband with deep lacerations and blood everywhere.

We kept them separate for several days, waiting for Dublin to come down off her high, begin grooming herself, and soak up the scent of normalcy. We tried baby powder on both of them and both of us. We rubbed them with each other’s scents using towels. I rubbed Dublin down with a wet towel to induce grooming. It didn’t work. Nothing worked.

We were desperate and willing to try anything. I worried our babes would never love each other again.

Our vet told us to get Feliway. This is my review.

This post is not sponsored. I do not get money/incentives for it. It’s just my honest experience.

With tax, I paid $85 ($39.99 each before taxes) for two diffuser kits. Each came with one diffuser and a bottle of pheromones. On the shelf there was only one labeled for my situation. The others were labeled for urination and scratching. I looked at the ingredients. Both had the same ingredients in the same doses. I wish they could find a way to put all the same marketing information on all the boxes.

feliway ingredients

Day One:

I plugged them in at around 10:00 a.m. We kept the cats separate until a 5:30 p.m. test run.

The boy was shy and slow to come out of the closet, but no hissing. He crept over to his mom, circled her a few times, and smelled her face. Then, he left the room.

As Dublin traveled through the house, Oslo began following her. He stayed low to the ground, his nose close to her rear. She climbed her cat tree, and he lost interest.

It worked for about an hour and a half, and then the hissing and growling commenced. We kept them separate for the night.

Day Two:

We attempted a reintroduction in the morning, but Oslo wouldn’t have it. We left them separate for the day. In the evening, they spent another few minutes together until Oslo screamed murder.

Day Three:

Oslo agreed to eat breakfast in the same room as Dublin. He tolerated an open house, though he steered clear of her during the day. In the evening, he hung out in the same room as her without incident. He was still hesitant to come near, but otherwise his attitude had returned to normal. At night, he slept in our bed with Dublin on the opposite side.

Day Four:  

We left them alone in the house for the day, free and together. No carnage.

By day six, they were back to their usual, harmless slap-fights.

Feliway worked for us. I’m sure every case is different, as every cat is different, but I would recommend trying this product. It brought a lot of relief and an end to the days-long stress.

The box and instructions say to replace refills every four weeks and the dispenser every six months. That can get expensive, but if you have problem children who need a little calming, it may be worth it. In our case, I don’t think we’ll need a refill. However, for scratching, spraying, and urinating, it could be necessary. Since our cats don’t have that problem, I can’t attest to the efficacy regarding those issues.

Feliway instructions