My name is Shanna. I am a writer, animal lover, pet parent, and part-time pet sitter. My husband and I are privileged to have both dog and cat rescues as companions. Every day they keep us silly and laughing. On this site, I have combined my real-life experience, expertise, and opinions along with advice and opinions of the experts regarding all things pets.

Camping dog

Arliss is a German shepherd mix. He’s a sweet, eccentric boy. His favorite things are barking at thunder, eating carrots, camping and hiking, and splashing through water.


Lily is an Australian shepherd mix. She’s high-energy and full of unending love. Her favorite things are meal times, playing fetch and tug-of-war, and chasing butterfly shadows.

Cat bath

Dublin is a Russian blue. She’s strong and fearless. Her favorite things are washing, sleeping, going on walks, and kicking mouse-toy butt.


Oslo is Dublin’s son. He is the most princess-y, fraidy cat I’ve ever known. His favorite things are slap fights with Dublin, hanging out in the catio, taking showers, and constantly inviting Lily to smell his butt.



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